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Valentine‘s Day Neon Signs for Sale

Add some color to your space this Valentine’s Day with NeonChamp! Neon signs are essential, trendy décor pieces that instantly transform an entire space. Choose from a vast collection of pre-made festive designs that are sure to make you or a loved one swoon!

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Valentine's Day Neon Signs

Valentine’s Day Neon Signs for Home Decor

Happy Valentine’s Day! Show your partner or loved one how much you care with a bright, expertly designed LED neon sign that is perfectly themed for this special day. These designs are perfect to hang up anywhere, from the bedroom to the office, or even home gym! With an array of awesome designs and color options, we know you will find the perfect gift at NeonChamp.

Valentine’s Day Neon Signs for Party Decor

Be the host with the most this Valentine’s Day when you select a beautiful, NeonChamp Valentine’s Day neon sign to be the centerpiece for your party! It is sure to elevate the entire space and create a wonderful backdrop for taking photos.

Valentine’s Day Neon Signs for WFH Motivation

Feeling uninspired in your home office but still have a huge to-do list to tackle? Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to a colorful, unique neon sign. It will brighten up your home office and provide a boost of motivation so you can conquer your day!

Valentine’s Day Neon Signs for Businesses

Are you a business owner that wants to attract customers this Valentine’s Day? Choose a neon sign that best suits your ideal customer. It will create photo opportunities for social media and make everyone feel more welcome!

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Everything You Need to Know About NeonChamp’s Neon Signs

What is the difference between a neon sign and a LED neon sign?

The main difference between an LED neon sign and a classic neon sign is the tubing that is used in the creation process. With an old-fashioned neon sign, glass tubing is used. On the other hand, with an LED neon sign, strips of LED lights are used to create tubing, which creates a neon effect.

Do neon lights hurt your eyes?

Prolonged exposure to bright, fluorescent lighting can have a negative impact on your eyes and eyesight over time. However, these negative effects are not seen with LED neon signs, as the LED lights are softer on the eyes.

Why are neon signs expensive?

Neon signs are traditionally quite expensive. This is because the parts needed to create a neon sign are costly. From the glass tubing to the lights, all these components add up quickly.

Is it OK to leave a neon sign on?

It is safe to leave a NeonChamp neon sign on for a prolonged amount of time. However, it may shorten the lifespan of the lights within the sign itself. The good news is that LED neon signs, like the ones made at NeonChamp, have an average lifespan of 90,000 hours which is about 3x longer than traditional neon signs.