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Get Custom Indoor Neon Signs for Living Spaces

Indoor Neon Signs

Personalised Indoor Neon Signs for Your Needs

Are you crazy about neon signs? Get customized neon signs for your living spaces at a very reasonable cost. Be it romantic, motivational, or any sign matching your style, you will get different types of neon signs here. These decorative neon signs can be put anywhere to enhance the beauty of the room.

It is easy and quick to design your own indoor neon signs. All you need to do is think of any design matching your requirements and update your details with us.

Why Choose NeonChamp for Indoor LED Neon Signs?

  • Customized Designs
  • Saves Cost and Money
  • Durable
  • Quick Installation

Get Your Image Neon Sign Design Proof Here

  • Type text that you need or add an image
  • Decide on font and colors you prefer
  • Add specific requirements or special notes
  • Tell us when you need your indoor neon signs

Note: Give us just an estimate of your feasible budget under which you are looking at your unique LED neon signs. This will help us to offer you the best neon indoor signs design and size as per your budget.

Just go to our easy-to-use online design tool and create your own indoor neon signs. Got an image in mind – just email your files and requirements to

  • Bedroom Signs

    Bedroom Signs

    Decorate your bedroom with indoor neon signs, whether you want to light your bedroom with different lights or get a soothing color, both ways it would look amazing. We offer custom indoor neon signs that would make your bedroom an amazingly comfortable place. You can also get a picture of your customised neon sign, get it now!!

  • Home Decor Signs

    Home Decor Signs

    Decorating your home with indoor neon signs can be a unique and creative choice. To help you make your home look amazing, we offer a wide range of custom indoor neon signs. You can get your ideas customised as a neon sign and placed it in your house. Get the amazing and styled indoor neon signs.

  • Wall Decor Signs

    Wall Decor Signs

    Walls need beautiful and unique creativity to make them look amazing. Do not worry, we got you covered. Get customised indoor neon signs that can hang on your walls. These signs are just a perfect way to light up your house. If you do not have any design, we offer a wide range of choices for you, have a look at them!!

  • Business Signs

    Business Signs

    Are you looking for some creative business signs such as – open, close, up, down, washroom, etc.? We offer all kinds of business neon signs that can be used for any purpose. You can also get a logo of your business in neon signs. And, when your customers see these signs, they fall in love with them.

All You Need to Know About NeonChamp's Indoor Neon Signs

What are custom indoor neon signs?

The custom indoor neon signs are made up of durable neon lights that can fit well in any space whether it be personal or professional. The best part about the neon designs is that they can be easily customized as per your creativity and needs. Whether flex, letter signs, or neon display, you get multiple options for indoor neon signs.

How do I customize indoor neon signs?

You can customise these indoor neon signs in any way you want. The common options that are available include text, display, letters, and neon indoor message signs. If you have any ideas in mind, you can get them customized or you can explore the wide range of designs present on our website. All you need is to share the design and you will receive the exact copy of it.

Can neon lights explode?

No, our neon lights do not explode. Our neon signs required a low voltage of 12 V since these are made up of SMD modules covered with PVC or silicone tubing over them. Therefore, there are no chances of exploding. You just need to take care of the place where you place these lights. Otherwise, no such explosion of lights can happen.

Can custom neon signs be used indoors?

Yes, our custom neon signs are 100 % suitable for indoor use you can either place them on the walls of your living room or in your bedroom. You just need to customise them according to the requirements of the place. Design them after analysing the color and design that would go with the room.

What are custom indoor LED signs made?

Neon signs comprise surface mount devices placed on a circuit covered with PVC or silicone tubing.

Is it better to leave indoor neon signs on?

It can happen many times that you forget to turn off these lights. However, it is completely kay since the average life span of these lights is 50,000 hours. Although, you would not want these lights to fuse within a fleeting period. Therefore, you can just check on these lights once you leave your house.

Can neon lights catch fire if I hang inside?

Many customers are afraid of catching fire to these neon lights. However, these lights operate on exceptionally low voltage, you do not need to worry about catching fire to these lights. Since the product is straightforward to place anywhere, you better keep them away from high voltage devices. No such fire can take place in these lights.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor custom neon signs?

The indoor custom neon signs are ideal for placing at various parts of the personal or professional spaces as these give an outstanding look to the space. On the other hand, the outdoor custom neon signs are perfect for reflecting your business or individual needs and attracting customers. Therefore, these are kept in offices or any other work environment.